If you have had the unfortunate experience of losing a tooth, whether it is down to an accident or natural causes, an implant is one of the most securest and long-term solutions available for a missing tooth on today’s dental market. Dental implants are well established as being a great alternative for replacing missing teeth and securing dentures firmly in place. Acting as the root replacement for your tooth a dental implant is able to prevent the side effects of missing teeth such as sunken cheeks and bone loss, which can often make people appear, aged.

Dental implants are titanium screws that will replace the missing tooth’s root and will integrate with your jawbone to promote stability and healthy bone growth (as missing teeth will lead to bone degeneration and gum recession).


The implant will act as a secure base for a crown to be securely attached and the new tooth will function and look likes your natural teeth!



Free initial consultations & affordable payment plans

If you are unsure that a dental implant will be the right treatment for you, we offer free initial consultation, so we can discuss with you your needs and explore all the options available to your case. We have 0% or low interest payment plans (subject to status) that can help break up the overall cost of treatment.