Pricing & Basic Fee Guide

At the Best Implants clinic, we deliver high quality services at best prices. All our treatment plans are tailored to each individual requirement.

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Given below is a fee guide to some of the most popular services carried out. Where appropriate we offer advanced procedures including GBR, bone augmentation, sinus lift and other techniques. Due to individual variation in these procedures a true estimate of cost is only possible after careful examination and studying of radiographs. Fees may be varied if many implants are planned.

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Fee Guide – from prices


  • Dental Implant Consultation incl. radiographs (if required)   £150.00
  • CT Scan per Jaw                                                                               £150.00
  • Study Models, Surgical Stent and Wax-Up                                 £350.00

Dental Implant Costs

  • Dental Implant incl. healing abutment                                        £1850.00
  • Dental Implant incl. final abutment and crown                         £3000.00
  • Dental Implant incl. final customised abutment and Crown   £3600.00

Implant Supported Denture:

  • 2 Implants incl. Attachments and Over-denture                        £6000.00
  • 4 Implants incl. Attachments and Over-denture                        £8000.00

Implant Supported Fixed Restoration:

  • 4-5 Implants incl. fixed Construction (Lower Jaw)                    £18000.00
  • 6-8 Implants incl. fixed Construction (Upper Jaw)                    £21000.00

Advanced Procedures (if required)

  • Xenograft Bone Augmentation (GBR)                                            £850.00
  • Resorbable Bio Membrane use only                                              £550.00
  • Autologous Bone Augmentation (Chin or Ramus)                      £1200.00
  • Allograft Bone (Human Donor)                                                      £1400.00
  • Sinus Manipulation incl. Bone Substitute                                     £1200.00